Johnnie Bravo and Dan O Mite do the first episode of Inconsiderate Podcast! As opposed to Johnnie Bravo joining Dan on the DanOmite Podcast like they normally do.

Episode Summary

Anyway, today they talk about the new intro to the show and the launching of the podcast. They ramble on about in-boxing people on Facebook and how Johnnie B ain't no holla back girl. Johnnie Bravo's talks about her trip to a private villa that had a pool inside, but couldn't get room service. They go on and on about being super hungry and being tired of the news on TV. Dan O Mite tells the story of his 4th of July trip to the hospital and how much that sucked. Johnnie and Dan go over what they remember of the Friday before when they were out drinking. They also talk a little about the North Korea Missile situation, the CNN gif thing, and a bunch or random stuff.

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