Episode 3 summary:

On this episode of the Inconsiderate podcast Johnie Bravo and Dan O Mite kick off the show talking about Johnnie Bravo playing racquetball..kinda of. Then Dan avoids an invite to play and complains about the heat. The pair talks the wild Chocolate snorting craze that is going crazy all over the US and what they have snorted.

They shift gears and talk about singing songs with the wrong words. They talk a little about Game of Thrones season 7 starting. Following that they both give some funny examples of songs they have messed up. They end up rambling on and on about "a dab of ranch" and what it means. They talk about getting older and not understanding kids lingo today.

Dan O Mite brings up a post by Caitlyn Jenner and they discuss it. The team moves on to OJ Simpson getting paroled and whats going to happen. Johnnie and Dan also talk about football, a former star getting caught with a gun at the airport, Colin Keapernick, Justin Beiber, and some other random stuff.

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