Episode 5 Summary:

Starting out the podcast Johnnie B changes up hows she starts off the podcast and then they jump into Johnnie Bravo's workout. After that they talk about looking dumb at the gym and gym selfies.  Next they talk about North Korea's threat of attacking Guam and the President's response. Not sure how they did it, but they jump into starting a life coaching business called Gold Level Life coaching.  Right after that they talk about the the Chinese Nationals who threw up a Nazi salute in Germany. Then jump in to NFL preseason and the whole Colin Keapernick thing. After the whole NFL discussion they talk an article Johnnie read about being lonely. Then they talk about couples who ask each other for permission to do things, like going out. They jump into a bunch of stories in the news where older women having sex with teenagers. They also talk about baby injuries, strippers at kids birthdays, and some random stuff.

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